Multi-Site Cluster | Failure Tolerance

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Let's say if I have 4 indexers at one site 'AB' and 4 indexers at another site 'CD'(DR site).

Question :1 I understand from this document that in a situation where 3 of my indexers go down at 'AB' site , my 4th indexer will keep on ingesting the data and would keep copies in reserve state to be distributed when other indexers come back in place? Please confirm.

Question :2 What if all my 4 indexers go down at 'AB' site would ingestion be managed then ? Would cluster master automate the data ingestion to DR site 'CD' indexers ?

Question :3 Since I have sitereplicationfactor of origin:2, total:3 and let's say two indexer machines at 'AB' site, both holding copy of same bucket goes down. Now, in this situation all copies(two) for a specific bucket become unavailable at site 'AB', then would cluster master instruct to receive a copy from DR site 'CD' and get that copied to 2 running indexers at 'AB' site ?

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