More Post 5.0 Upgrade - An error occurred while rendering the page template. See web_service.log for more details

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We have several instances that we recently upgraded to V 5.0.1 build 143156. In both cases, we are no longer able to edit or create new saved searches or reports or to edit or create new event log collections. In each case, the "...error occurred while renderin the page template..." page is deisplayed. One of the instances has existing save searches and reports and the other has none. This is really frustrating.... Our instances are running on WIndows Server 2008 R2 64-bit and WIndows Server 2003 32-bit. I see alot of others having similar issues and/or symptoms after the update. Any ideas?

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This sounds a lot like bugs, (SPL-57518, SPL-58650)

Best bet is to get in touch with support


I have the same issue. Can't find any way to fix it. Anyone?

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