Missing Fields in events for specific log entries in a log file


So, I have this following format for my log entries.


and logs are like ...
"abc"-"def"-"geh"-"hij"-"klm"-"Normal Message"
"abc"-"def"-"geh"-"hij"-""-"--HUGE JAVA STACK TARCE--"

The FIELDS column on the left side of the search page has all the "Selected Fields". The wide events section to the right of the fields column has the field names and the corresponding values underneath the events. But, FIELD6 is missing for the second event. I don't know why.

Could it be because the field value (for that particular second event) is extremely large? (you know, Java Stack trace spread over 100 lines). How do i get it to appear for the second event?

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How are you extracting your fields?

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Howdy skallaje!

If you are suspicious that the trouble comes from your insanily huge event, there's a person who had a similar issue:

Adding TRUNCATE = 0 in your props.conf should do the trick, I hope this solves your problem.


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