Missing DHCP tags and fields

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We have installed and configured the Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure (v1.4.2) which includes inputs.conf and props.conf for Windows DHCP log files.

inputs.conf stanza

disabled = 0
whitelist = DhcpSrvLog*
crcSalt = <SOURCE>
sourcetype = DhcpSrvLog
index = windows

props.conf stanza

sourcetype = DhcpSrvLog  

sourcetype = DhcpSrvLog

TRANSFORMS-0dhcp_discard_headers = dhcp_discard_headers
REPORT-0auto_kv_for_microsoft_dhcp = auto_kv_for_microsoft_dhcp
REPORT-dest_for_microsoft_dhcp = dest_nt_host_as_dest,dest_mac_as_dest,dest_ip_as_dest

LOOKUP-signatureformicrosoftdhcp = msdhcpsignaturelookup msdhcpid OUTPUTNEW signature
LOOKUP-vendorinfoformicrosoftdhcp = windowsvendorinfo_lookup sourcetype OUTPUT vendor,product

We have also installed the Splunk Common Information Model (v4.9.1). From the Splunk documentation "The Splunk Add-on for Windows provides Common Information Model information, the index-time and search-time knowledge for Windows events, metadata, user and group information, collaboration data, and tasks in the following formats.”

I am expecting DHCP data to be tagged with tag=dhcp and a field named signature extracted. We are getting DHCP events, but no tagging and no field extraction. Currently running Splunk Enterprise v7.0

What are we missing?

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You are indexing your data in index=windows, instead of deafult index.

You need to update the eventtypes stanza. Can you add following configuration in $SPLUNKHOME/etc/apps/SplunkTA_windows/local/eventtypes.conf

search = index=windows sourcetype=DhcpSrvLog
#tags = dhcp network session windows

For signature field, do you have msdhcpid field in your msdhcpsignature_lookup file ?

In case you are checking this on clustered environment, you need to ensure that props.conf configurations are presents on Search head.

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Thanks. I very much appreciate the fast response. We are looking at the proposed changes now.

I am curious though, if anyone knows why changes would be needed to the default Windows TA conf files to make this work?

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