Map heat locations without Lat / Long

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I am trying to map my datacentre cabinet heat locations to their respective cabinets on a top down view of the datacentre using visio.

Is there a way to map my temperature to the correct rack location without using Lat/Long?

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Hi willsy,
If I correctly undestood: you want to map values extracted from your data (temperatures) with cabinets of your datacenter and display values on a dashboard with the cabinets, not a geographical location, is it correct?
You could do this, you could use a bitmat of your datacenter as background and put the value of each server as a Single Value Panel over the image.
You can see the way to do this in Splunk Dashboard Examples ( ) - Image Overlay with Single Values.

If instead your problem is to locate servers in cabinets and display temperature values saying server name and cabinet, you can create a lookup containing these information and use it when displaying.


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