Managing Huawei Optical Core Network Equipment

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I am trying to submit a question on Huawei Optical Core Network Management

but...I get...

Oops! Your question couldn't be submitted because:

* new users can't create tags; 'huawei' are new tags

When I remove the Tags I then am told that The Tag field is required.

Help Please

Paul Kelly

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It is a little silly - splunkbase asks people to go to answers to ask questions about new apps, but then they cant actually do that until they pay their dues on answers for a while.

That aside, it sounds like you're interested in building out an app for monitoring data from huawei optical hardware ?

This was a long time ago, but if you still are, and if you send me sample data and the use case there's a good chance that I might build out a prototype version just for fun. Or if you have a budget to build it out we could do an actual project together. Check out my profile for more details.

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please use one of the existing tags that might be appropriate to your question. the tags should be relevant to the general technical area.