LogFile Troubleshooting - read file issue


I am working in a single node environment (indexer is also deployment-server)and I am having trouble determining why splunk will not index a log file of mine. I set up the configurations in the serverclass.conf and white-listed a new server "server12". This serverclass was already monitoring multiple other servers. The same log file "D:\Logfile\logs.csv" is being monitored on each of the servers and can be seen in the logs coming from all servers except for "server12". I also see other logs coming from "server12" but I do not see the "D:\Logfile\logs.csv" file.


My conclusions thus far:

Because I see logs coming from "server12" I know it is not a network/FW issue. And the permissions on the logfile are the same throughout each of the servers so Splunk has permission to read the file.

My question:

Is there a simple way to troubleshoot this or does anyone know if I am missing anything in my configurations?

Running splunk version : Splunk 6.0 (build 182037)

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I think I see it.

Try this:

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Yes, Splunkd and splunkweb were restarted along with a
"splunk reload deploy-server"

whitelist.0 = server1
whitelist.1 = server2
whitelist.2 = server3
whitelist.3 = server4
whitelist.4 = server5
whitelist.5 = server6
whitelist.6 = server7
whitelist.7 = server8
whitelist.8 = server9
whitelist.9 = server12



index = loghistory
sourcetype = csv-2
disabled = false
crcSalt =

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Did you try restarting splunkd after the changes?
Can you post your serverclass.conf and also your inputs.conf where you have defined monitor stanzas

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