Linux Indexer root partition 100% full

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I had a previous case open on this (#1591420) but cannot seem to find it anymore.

In there Joe Love validated my idea to implement a move of our Splunk DB to a much larger partition and update Splunk config.

The referenced solution was the "easiest method' in this support case:

As I was looking to implement this "easiest method" solution, for some reason our latest version of Splunk does not have the "/opt/splunk/splunk-launcher.cfg" file. We are version 7.3.0, has something changed since this original posting?

In fact, the .cfg files I see are in /etc and most are log- files. Is there a new file for updating the SPLUNK_DB= value?

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as per this doc the splunk-launch.conf file should be in "$SPLUNK_HOME/etc/ " directory.

if you want to change the location of SPLUNK_DB change it in splunk-launch.conf

This conf file is different from most splunk conf files. There is only one in the whole system, located at $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/splunk-launch.conf; further, there are no stanzas, explicit or implicit. Finally, any splunk-launch.conf files in etc/apps/... or etc/users/... will be ignored.

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Thank you. I did locate it and was able to restore functionality of the indexer.

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