Last Chance Index setup issues

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hello, we are trying to configure a lastchanceindex to capture events being sent to a non-existing index, however it doesnt seem to be working. I've added to the indexes.conf "lastChanceIndex = test_collect_std" but we still get the error message

Search peer indexer-6 has the following message: Received event for unconfigured/disabled/deleted index=fake_index with source="source::D:\tmp\ExampleLog.log" host="host::MACHINE" sourcetype="sourcetype::fake_sourcetype". So far received events from 1 missing index(es).

So the re-route doesnt seem to be doing what it should, there is very little documentation on this. Has anyone successfully got this to work?

For info we are running 7.3.0

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can you share your indexes.conf?
this configuration should be under the [default] stanza ... so should look something like this:


lastChanceIndex = main

homePath   = $SPLUNK_DB/index1/db
coldPath   = $SPLUNK_DB/index1/colddb
thawedPath = $SPLUNK_DB/index1/thaweddb
maxDataSize = 10000
maxHotBuckets = 10

homePath   = $SPLUNK_DB/index2/db
coldPath   = $SPLUNK_DB/index2/colddb
thawedPath = $SPLUNK_DB/index2/thaweddb
maxDataSize = 10000
maxHotBuckets = 10

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