Json field not extracted in Splunk DB Connect Input via SQL Server : using Splunk DB Connect 2.0


i have made an INPUT Field through MS SQL SERVER, There is a column in my table which has JSON values, SPLUNK DB Connect is not showing this json value in any of it's event or fields. it is showing only '{' in the JSON field.
Please help n guide me to resolve this issue or parse the json key, values in to the new column.

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Was there ever a solution found for this issue? I am facing the same problem where the datatype I am returning from the database is of type JSON and being inputed using DBX. In Splunk, however, the field just shows as "{". Example below:


The value here is being treated as a String and so the first 2 double quotes encompasess the { and that is what is returned in the field in Splunk.

I want it to return the result as a JSON type preferably.


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What sourcetype are you using?

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i have connection with MS-SQL Server in my input database. and gave my source type an anonymous name

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