Issues with splunk 4.3



Since I upgraded to the 4.3 (before 4.2.5) I have some issues with splunk.

The first thing :
is about the summary, nothing appear on it (in the 4.2.5 there were the sources and sourcetypes and number of total event). Now I only have N/A and "Waiting for data" (same index created as 4.2.5 with same data). I see some event count in the Manager/indexes and I can retrieve them with a index=my_index command.

The second thing :
I have this error message : The job appears to have expired or has been canceled. Splunk could not retrieve data for this search. when I use a command that worked fine with the 4.2.5 in the search bar. Do you know why?


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By default the metadata search command only looks at the default indexes (e.g main). To look at other indexes you need to specify the index in the command, is it possible you just had other data sources already indexed previously that were displayed or other data sources coming into the default index?

Also, what search command now isn't working?

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