Issue while printing a report

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When i am printing a report(which has filters, table and column chart), filters are overlapping on the table and some texts in the printed report are not aligned and some filter values are not visible.

And when i am exporting report as a pdf, chart and table are coming clearly but all filters are missing in the pdf.

Is there any solution for this? I want full report with filters as well in the pdf .

Many Thanks in advance.

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there is two solutions:

  • Use a browser plugin that allows screenshots even for pages that are bigger than your screen. I think Firefox might actually have this on board.
  • There is a app (in Beta status) from Splunk PS, which you could try, available here. Be aware that it's completely unsupported, and requires some effort to set it up.

The built-in PDF function as well as PDF printing are pretty broken.

Hope that helps - if it does I'd be happy if you would upvote/accept this answer, so others could profit from it. 🙂

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