Is there 'precanned' dashboard for Splunk App for Infrastructure?

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Hello, I just downloaded and installed the Splunk App for Infrastructure. I am receiving the metrics I desire and would now like to build a dashboard where i can choose the VMs i'd like to view in my dashboard.

1) Is there already a precanned dashboard that accompanies this app, or do I need to build one from scratch?
2) Does someone in the user community have one constructed in reference to this app and wouldn't mind sharing the source that i can leverage?

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Why yes there are! Look here: splunk_app_windows_infrastructure\default\data\ui\views\

There are a ton in that location. Just paste the text contents of the one you want into the Edit - Source area of a newly created dashboard.

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Update - I noticed I gave the wrong app. You asked about the general Infrastructure App. The answer is still similar. splunk_app_infrastructure\default\data\ui\views\

There are not a "ton" there are 6 pre-configured views.

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