Is there a way to automate diag to support?



Silly question - Is there a way to automate the sending of diags to Splunk support? I'd like to know they have current diags on file at anytime. If I can submit one nightly to them and they keep in a repo or something?

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The best way would be to open a P0 support case, which is code for Enhancement Request (ER) and in the body request such a feature but then, because these never go anywhere and never get closed, use the CLI arguments for the diag command to continuously attach diags to that case. Then any time you open a new case or whatever, you can just tell them to grab the latest diags from your never-ending ER.

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I don't see this as being possible, or why Splunk would allow it. Your diag gets attached to a case, for the purpose of troubleshooting the issue that case.

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