Is it possible to use KV Store on Splunk Cloud to read and write values?


I am trying to build a modular data input using the Splunk Add-on Builder and the input should be statefull - it should keep track of its progress.

The Splunk Add-on Builder supports such checks and they're called checkpoints. When reading the documentation it is stated that this technique employs KV Store.

However, the Splunk Cloud documentation itself states that the KV Store REST API endpoints cannot be used, which means that any script using the Splunk SDK would not be able to operate with the KV Store collections.

Am i wrong with interpreting the documentation and thinking that KV Store CRUD operations (using the REST API) are not allowed on Splunk Cloud?

If KV Store is not an option to persist state on Splunk Cloud, is there an any other way to do it?



Did you resolve this? We have a similar issue with KV store and REST API.

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