Is it possible to push in logs from different customers to various indexes under one Splunk Cloud instance?

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Is it possible to have a splunk SaaS instance like and push in logs from different customers creating different indexes.

  1. instance should be like
  2. with the multiple companies consent can we create a separate indexes for individual company on the above index?
  3. Can we have a security enabled that users from one company index cannot have access to see the content of other index?
  4. And is it possible if the instance is on europe region and a company sending data is in american region if the company does not have any issues storing their data in different region?
  5. If above is possible While forwarding data is it possible to restrict one company forwarder to not to send data to another company indexer?

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hello there,
best will be to talk to a Splunk SE and your Splunk Sales Rep or Splunk Cloud Operation team
to your questions, as far as i know:
1. yes
2. yes
3. yes
4. you will probably want to consult with your client regarding which data from which country can be sent to where.
5. yes if you have enough indexers
hope it helps

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