Introspection app: why is excludeFromUpdate is not ignoring the directories?


I am trying to push a specific .conf as part of the /local directory of myApp from Deployment Server.

I have provided the excludeFromUpdate attribute to ignore a couple of directories which I do not want to be impacted in the app. But when the app is pushed, I see on the forwarders the /local directory that i pushed but removes the 2 "to be excluded" directories mentioned in my serverclass.conf.

In my serverclass.conf I have -

excludeFromUpdate = $app_root$/default, $app_root$/bin
restartSplunkd = 1

I am trying to push the "introspect" app from DS having a /local directory which contains a .conf file.
But when the app is pushed, it removes the /default and /bin directories on UF which I don't want to get impacted.

I have verified the versions of my DS ad UFs, they are above 6.2
Any ideas on what am I missing here ?

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Are there any other configs overriding excludeFromUpdate?

Try /opt/splunk/bin/splunk btool serverclass list --debug to see what settings are being applied.

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Revered Legend

In your deployment-apps directory, does your introspect app have only the local sub-directory OR does it have both default and bin as well?

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Hi @mahajanamit,

After modifying serverclass.conf, have you reloaded deployment server ?


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