Installing latest splunk on Windows Server 2008 CRASH!

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So ... I installed the app, but at the tail end of the install it gave an error about not being able to start the application. A quick 'netstat -an' confirmed port 8000 wasn't listening, so I checked the Windows event log... which generated this:

Faulting application splunkd.exe, version, time stamp 0x4c8210b4, faulting module midas32.dll, version 0.5.1633.2367, time stamp 0x4acc7167, exception code 0xc00000fd, fault offset 0x00023303, process id 0xea4, application start time 0x01cb640cca16855c.

So, a re-start of the Splunk service actually opens up port 8000, but when I try to connect to it, I never actually get a page, just an infinite wait.

What's going on?

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In general, any time you see a hard crash like that, it's a good idea to open a support case directly with Splunk.

That said, midas32.dll seems to be associated with BitDefender -- are you by any chance running BitDefener for antivirus? If so, it would be worth the experiment to disable/remove it, or try a different antivirus product, and see if the problem persists.

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Good point. I AM running BitDefender on that box (it wouldn't shock me that the A/V is borking the Splunk install)...

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