Initial VMware OVA password


We've installed the Enterprise OVA in our VMware environment and we're now sitting at the logon page, but can't log in with the initial default admin/changeme that's suggested in the documentation and on the website.
The First Time Signing In? link does nothing.
Has that changed or what is the new password?

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Re: Initial VMware OVA password


It is admin/changeme

  1. Check if capslock is on
  2. Check the text by entering it in a text file and check if Keyboard input is correct.
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Re: Initial VMware OVA password


The default is admin/changeme.

Check the usual things that prevent someone from entering a password correctly (Caps Lock, odd keyboard output, etc.)

If that doesn't work, at its core this is just a Splunk instance; you can rename $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/passwd and restart, and it will reset the password back to the Splunk default of admin/changeme.

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