I need a specific exception in the alert where it should trigger an alert if the condition is >5

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I was trying to create an exception where it should trigger an alert if the specific exception goes above 5. Can some one check and suggest me on the alert.

eval Err=if(match("XXX.XXXXException",>5),"OK","")

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You can design your search so that if everything is ok, it returns 0 rows. Then if it returns > 0 rows, this indicates an issue that fires the alert. You can do this by doing the first part suggested by skoelpin above, followed by this:

| where ERR>5

Then your alert can fire when number of results is > 0. We use this so the alert stays quiet unless the threshold (indicated by some rows coming back) is breached.

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The match function uses the field name followed by a regular expression. You're missing the regular expression from here

Try this, replace <FIELD> with your field name

| eval Err=if(match(,"\w+Exception"),1,0)
| eval ALERT=if(Err>5,"OK","GOOD")

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