I am trying to implement time limit on the query, but failing to fetch the result

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public static void executeQuery(String query,String earliestTime,String latestTime)

    Args queryArgs=new Args();
    queryArgs.put("earliest_time", earliestTime);
    queryArgs.put("latest_time", latestTime);
    splunkJob= splunkService.getJobs().create(query,queryArgs); 

        try {
        } catch (InterruptedException e) {

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The variables (earliestTime and latestTime) that you used in queryArgs.put must contain a date-time string similar to this

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Refer to code examples from this link. Check the format of values and classes to be used.

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Splunk Employee

@priyabhakat - Your question is quite vague. Please leave a comment with more information. In general, your question has a greater chance of being answered by experts in the Answers community when when you provide as much information and context as possible. Thanks.

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