Hunk or Hadoop connect for splunk



I am a beginner of BIG data analytics for splunk and would like to know the distinction
between Hunk and Hadoop connect for splunk.
It seems that hunk is completely integrated into Hadoop but
Hadoop connect is used in environment where splunk and Hadoop is deployed differently.

How do you distinct the usage of these two technologies?


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Re: Hunk or Hadoop connect for splunk


Hadoop Connect is a Splunk app that is primarily intended for moving data between Splunk and Hadoop in either direction. Hunk is a product that allows you to explore, analyze and visualize data utilizing the full power of Hadoop without moving data. If you elaborate a bit on your use case we can try to make a recommendation for you.


Re: Hunk or Hadoop connect for splunk


Hello Ledion.

Thank you for the reply.

I was considering to use Hunk or Hadoop Connect as speeding up the search process of splunk.
I understand that basic concept of splunk for speeding up the search process for massive data is
by using the summary data indexing. However, I find designing the data flow for summary indexing
becomes bit complicated when types of reports you are trying to summary grows.

So I was interested in Hadooop integration whether it can solve my problem or not by hadoop technology.


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