How to specify ip range or network for ipv4 random generation with eventgen ?



I'm trying to generate sample logs with eventgen
in my eventgen.conf, I'm using
token.1.token = ipsrc
token.1.replacementType = random
token.1.replacement = ipv4

token.2.token = ipdst
token.2.replacementType = random
token.2.replacement = ipv4

The conf is working but the logs are too random, which is not realistic
The tutorial talks about possibilities to add argument and gives examples for float, integer, .... but not for ipv4 (and ipv6)
I would like to restrict the random for exemple 10/8

Is there any parameter to use after ipv4 or do I have to workaround it (by using a sample file with ips or several tokens + integer, recreating the ip ?

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I am just getting started with EventGen myself. This would be a sweet addition to this tool, but as of yet doesn't seem to be possible the way you wish. From :
[sample filename]
* This stanza defines a given sample file contained within the samples directory.
* This stanza can be specified as a PCRE.
* Hardcoded to $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps//samples/.
* This stanza is only valid for the following replacementType -> replacement values:

    * static -> <string>
    * timestamp -> <strptime>
    * replaytimestamp -> <strptime>
    * random -> ipv4
    * random -> ipv6
    * random -> mac
    * random -> integer[<start>:<end>]
    * random -> float[<start.numzerosforprecision>:<end.numzerosforprecision>]
    * random -> string(<integer>)
    * random -> hex([integer])
    * rated -> integer[<start>:<end>]
    * rated -> float[<start.numzerosforprecision>:<end.numzerosforprecision>]
    * file -> <replacment file name>
    * mvfile -> <replacement file name, expects CSV file>:<column number>

disabled = true | false
* Like what it looks like. Will disable event generation for this sample.

I suspect you will just want to do what most people seem to do for this issue, just use the file replacement and generate a list of pseudo random IP addresses. The samples (and README) directory in the SA-EventGen app does have some excellent examples.

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