How to show total count of stacked chart on the top of column?

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I have total four fields lets say a,b,c and d. i want to show 'a' as a separate column and 'b','c' and 'd' as stacked and beside 'a' along with the sum of fields ('b'+'c'+'d') so that the count of these fields would come on the top of their column so that we can easily compare field 'a' with the count of rest.
Note:- I don't want separate column which would give sum of these three field. You can refer the screenshot.

In case you want further details feel free to ask.
Any help would be appreciated.


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Were you able to achieve this? Two bars with just one stacked as shown in your image.

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Alternative approach ,

search ... | addtotals 

Add totals gives you the row total with the field name Total

  1. Click visualization select column chart
  2. Click format and enable the stack mode.
  3. select show data values as on
  4. Click chart overlay and Click the text box and select Total field.
  5. makeView as Axis as off
  6. Click Apply.

you will get the stacked chart with numbers. overlay will be an line chart shows number.


Sounds like a very specialized visualization. Hmmm. Might be useful.

Basically, you want to be able to "group" the series and stack them. The fact that one of your groups has only one member (a) and the other has three (b,c,d) is irrelevant to the design of the viz.

Seems like you'd want to be able to choose the base color of each group, and have the individual series be variants of that color (up to N different blues for group 1, up to N different reds for group 2, up to N different greens for group 3, etc.)

Don't know of anything like that, but it does seem quite useful. For instance, if you wanted to compare causes of death for men and women, in number of deaths per 100 K, that would be a good viz.

Hmmm. Could also be same colors in each stack in that usage, with maybe a single skinny bar up the side of the stack for group total...

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