How to set option of numberprecision value based on the query result into the dashboard?

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While developing the splunk dash board,I should display result number up to 3 decimal point if those are having values(other thanszero) after dot .

example,if I have 2 querires, 1 case result 99.789 and 2 case having result has 99.000 in this case is should disply 1 case 99.789 but for the second case it displaying 99.000 instead of 99.

I have tried some condition like below.

global declaration for input

 <set token="precisionVal">0.000</set>

condition in side the search

          <set token="overall_pctg">$result.total_pctg$</set>
        <condition match=" '$overall_pctg$' == 100">
          <set token="precisionVal">0</set>

and apply the token in input field like below

but still I am getting as 0.[0-9][0-9][0-9]

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Use eval expression in done element instead of using condition.

          <eval token="precisionVal">case(match($result.overall_pctg$, "100.000"), 0, match($result.overall_pctg$, "\.[0]{3}$"), floor($result.overall_pctg$), 1==1, $result.overall_pctg$)</eval>
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