How to migrate complete splunk instances to new servers


Currently, I have the following servers in my splunk environment, due to resource utilization we need to migrate/move splunk to new EXsi Host with high specifications.

1 Cluster Master - windows server 2012
1 Deployment Server - windows server 2012
2 Indexers - windows server 2012
2 Search Heads - windows server 2012
2 Heavy Forwarders - linux cent OS

Please note that IP addresses / hostname will remain the same and splunk version also remains constant, how should we start the migration? what steps are vital to keep in mind.

This is what it get to know from previous answers:
For the application:
1 Install Splunk on the new server (possibly the same of the old one);
2 stop both the servers;
3 copy $SPLUNK_HOME\etc folder from the old server to the new one;
4 restart Splunk on the new server.

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