How to install a splunk app?


i downloaded the Dshield splunk app. How to install it on my Windows splunk?

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follow these instructions:

1. Log in to Splunk Web and navigate to Apps > Manage Apps.
 2. Click install app from file.
 3. upload an file, click under file and go search the app that you want install
 4. click on upload after your restart splunk web

please forgive my english


Well it depends on the app, as some will need additional configuration, such as enabling inputs. But to start simply untar them in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps and restart splunk to make it available.


Best answer for automating the deployment of Splunk Apps.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

On Windows it should be %SPLUNK_HOME%/etc/apps

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Following Step 1:

  1. Log in to Splunk Web and navigate to Apps > Manage Apps....

After that I dont see any button to Install App from file...

Please advise?

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Path Finder

is it fixed yet ?

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