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We want to include an image in the body of the email before it is sent out. However, "" only allows texts in the box, so we modified script. The original file is in $SPLUNK_HOME$/etc/apps/search/bin folder. How do I make the updated script working?

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You can update It. But I suggest following below steps.

Make sure your changes will be done in your app only.

1) Create a commands.conf.

filename =
streaming = false
run_in_preview = false
passauth = true
required_fields =
changes_colorder = false
supports_rawargs = true
undo_scheduler_escaping = true
is_risky = true
local = true

2) Copy ./search/bin/ to YOUR_APP/bin/

Do not change in search/bin/ file.
Do appropriate changes in YOUR_APP/bin/ only as per your requirements.

Within your app, sendmail will work as per you made changes in

Let me know for further assistance.


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