How to get rid of white spaces in the column names when working on DB.?



when I am trying to get the results from the DB (SQL Server), there are some column names as "Show Room Code".

The query i am using to get the results is:

| dbquery "Centro" "SELECT TransTime,Quantity,Amount,Show Room Code FROM Centro_Daily_Dummy" limit=1000

Then it is showing it as error : command="dbquery", A database error occurred: Incorrect syntax near 'Code'.
if the query is edited without Show Room Code then it is running correctly.
There are white spaces in the column name in the DB. how to get such columns in Splunk.


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Try single-quotes like this:

| dbquery "Centro" "SELECT TransTime,Quantity,Amount,'Show Room Code' FROM Centro_Daily_Dummy" limit=1000
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Hi @woodcock
Sorry for the late reply.
and it is not displaying the values of showroomcode, instead it is been displaying Show Room Code string in each Row.

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I am also the same issue with table name. My table name has spaces in it.
Was your issue resolved ?

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