How to find top events contributing to a total of X% of the events?


Hi, I can find the top events but I want to see all those events that are contributing say 80% of the total. e.g. there are 25k events and the top 10 events contribute to 96% of the total. I want to see the only events that contribute to 80% of the total rather than 96% as retrieved in the results. I have read related questions/answers but couldn't get a clue how to do it. Anyone please?

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Give this a try. Assuming there is a unique identifier field call identifier based on which the top is calculated.

index=foo sourcetype=bar [ search index=foo sourcetype=bar | stats count by identifier | sort 0 -count | eventstats sum(count) as total | eval perc=round(count*100/total) | accum perc | where perc<=80] 
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