How to find amount of RAM available using splunk enterprise?


I am trying to create an alert when 90% of RAM is used.
I have determined that Committed bytes is the amount of RAM in use but I don't know how to get total RAM.
I am NOT trying to find memory but a percentage of physical ram in use. Thanks

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Hi @kkramer2,
the real question is how do you take the information about RAM?
if you use the Splunk_TA_Windows ( ), it can extract many counters:

  • Committed Bytes,
  • Available MBytes,

in this way you can calculate the percentage of used memory on total.

In addition, in the counters there's also "% Committed Bytes In Use" that directly answers to your question.


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I appreciate your quick response. Is Available MBytes RAM or memory ? I am trying to calculate RAM.

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