How to execute a py or sh by interface of Splunk

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I write a in the /splunk/etc/apps/my_apps/bin and by the commande line


to execute the code.

Could I add a bouton or something else in the interface of my app in Splunk
alt text

to trigger the

Thank you very much

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This is what I did
Put my custom python script in this folder

import csv
import sys
import splunk.Intersplunk
import string
(isgetinfo, sys.argv) = splunk.Intersplunk.isGetInfo(sys.argv)
if len(sys.argv) < 2:
splunk.Intersplunk.parseError("No arguments provided to custom script")

results = splunk.Intersplunk.readResults(None, None, True)

Modify commands.conf file in below folder

defaults for all external commands, exceptions are below in individual stanzas

type of script: 'python', 'perl'

TYPE = python

default FILENAME would be .py for python, .pl for perl and otherwise

is command streamable?


maximum data that can be passed to command (0 = no limit)


end defaults

filename =

To reload the setting run this URL in your browser (Just in case, if required)

And this is how we can use custom command in splunk
| customtest GETINFO [Inputparameters]

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