How to enable the Search Assistant in 6.5.0?

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I am using 6.5.0 of Splunk with the Free license install. When in the Search and Reporting screen, I get no Search Assistant. I would like to have that available but can't figure out how to get it turned on.


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

it's a bug and will be fixed in 6.5.1
after 6.5.1, splunk assistant under free license will use Compact mode by default and the mode can't be changed


This has been asked for before,

With this response:
Engineering has confirmed that this is a bug, it should be fixed in a forthcoming maintenance release.

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Please follow these steps
1. On the Splunk bar, select [User_account_name] > Account Settings.
2. Under the Search section, look for Search assistant and select Compact, Full, or None. Click Save.
3. The None mode turns the search assistant off.


I down voted this answer because user asked for how to do it in free license mode. It's not possible this way.

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In the free license, there is no such entry in the Splunk bar to be able to do that. Is there some way to turn it on again with the free license?