How to display multiple field ips using geostats



I have three fields which outputs Ip addresses. is there a way to display all these three field IP addresses on the map using geostats. Or is there any other way to populate those IP's on the map.

Thanks in advance

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Use the append function to achieve that:

| makeresults 
| eval oneIP="" 
| iplocation ADAS 
| append
 [| makeresults 
| eval otherIP="" 
| iplocation otherIP]
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@rakeshyv0807 can you add some sample data with three IP address fields and their values? Would these exist on same event and if yes will all three of them always be present on all the events?

Please make sure while posting the sample data you mock/anonymize the data.

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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@niketnilay Yes, it's possible that all the three IP's would exist on same event but it is not necessary that all three will be present always in every event. Please refer to the sample data below
This sample data is which I am displaying in a table format right now:
Subject --> username
XFF -> IP address
TCIP -> IP address
XMSFCIP -> IP address


Subject--------------------------------- XFF------------------TCIP---------------------XMSFCIP Value---------------No Value

So is it possible to generate all the ip's in the map using geostats?

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