How to create a Stacked Bar Chart for the category of month and week together?

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So I have a question on how to report on multiple Categories.
I want it so the Graph has like below. In my table, I have the fields

Month ( 1 through 12)
Week (1 through 52)
platform (Virtual / Physical)

::: = Physical
--- = Virtual

Jan: Week1 (::::::::::::::::::::::::::::)(----------------------)
: Week2 (::::::::::::::::::::)(---------------------)
: Week3 (:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::)(----)
: Week4 (:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::)(-----------------------)

I am using this search below, and it works perfectly for either Week or Month but not both.

| dbxquery query="SELECT * FROM \"ESAO\".\"dbo\".\"CST.provisioning\" where Year = Year(GETDATE())" connection="ESAO_DB" | chart count Over Week by platform
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