How to correlate error codes with the PDF documents, KEDB ?


I want to introduce Splunk to IT operations.
One of our operations is to investigate the problem with error codes of other products,
for example, IBM, Oracle, and so on.
The environment is offline, namely not on internet.
So now we must correlate the error code of third product log file with its public manuals (PDF files) and our KEDB (Knows Error Data Base).
KEDB is not anything great, actually Excel file, text file.
But it is full of our know-how and experiments.

So I vaguely have a question that how other users correlate such error codes to their past experimental databases and PDF manuals with Splunk.

Implementing databases with DB Connector Apps ?
or simply linking to CSV files ?
Can Splunk link the error codes to PDF manuals easily ?

I want to listen to other users' opinions.
Thank you very much for help.

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Re: How to correlate error codes with the PDF documents, KEDB ?


How can the error code be matched up to the PDF? It is as simple as a one-to-one match? If so, you could probably just use a lookup (CSV) file which matches up the error code to the URL and produces a new field with the URL (like errorcodeurl).

If you really want to make the link easy to use, you could make a custom event renderer that converts the field into a URL.

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