How to add values of 1st row to 2nd row and so on and show the sum in a different column

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I have count of VMs per month and I want to show the count increment in a new column, for ex

_time Monthly count
2014-06 49
2014-07 300
2014-08 5
2014-09 97

I want to show the incremental sum in a new column as this -
_time Monthly count Incremental Sum
2014-06 49 49
2014-07 300 349
2014-08 5 354
2014-09 97 471

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please check "accum" command -
For each event where field is a number, the accum command calculates a running total or sum of the numbers. The accumulated sum can be returned to either the same field, or a newfield that you specify.

your search here | accum count as IncrementalSum
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Try this

your current search | eval Commulative_sum='Monthly count' | accum Commulative_sum


your current search | streamstats sum("Monthly count") as "Commulative Sum"
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