How to add some filters to |lookup ?


I use this command for filtration data by lookup file record...
| lookup loopup.csv lookupname AS searchName OUTPUTNEW fieldtype, fieldvalue
And I have result from index=name where field searchName is lookupname.

How should I write search that would use for example | lookup loopup.csv lookupname AS searchName, lookupname AS searchField OUTPUTNEW fieldtype, fieldvalue and take result where field searchName is lookupname and lookupname is searchField

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Hi @rendie,
I'm not sure to have completely understood your request: you want to add fieldtype and fieldvalue when lookupname matches searchName and searchField, is it correct?
if this is your request, please, try to use two time lookup command:

| lookup loopup.csv lookupname AS searchName OUTPUT fieldtype AS fieldtype1 fieldvalue AS fieldvalue1
| lookup loopup.csv lookupname AS searchField OUTPUT fieldtype AS fieldtype2 fieldvalue AS fieldvalue2
| ...


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