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Today I did a cool exercise. I went to the data repository section for Montgomery County (MD) and I downloaded the dataset of classes approved and paid through the County tuition assistance program. I then ingested this data into Splunk and identified the top five department by cost I came up with the following:
Correction & Rehabilitation,$110624.97
Investment Trustees,$13668.00
Environmental Protection,$17745.00

Is there a way to monitor this on the website real time for changes and update the dashboard in real time? This will be my next side project.

Marcus House
Splunk Admin (1 exam away from Architect Certification)

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Hi Marcus,

Below steps will help you for the quick fix,

  1. create a script that will download the file and store it in a folder.
  2. Schedule the script with cron tab.
  3. Either monitor the folder and index the data OR use it as lookup. 😉

sample script will be, you have to replace the URL. go to the report you want and download it, check the browser downloaded files and there you can get the url to download.

wget -O <filename>

Hope this will helps you.