How do you edit a custom message in a 404 page of Splunk for a particular app only?


I am looking to provide a custom message to the user when they get a 404 error on a particular app.

is there any way to achieve this ?

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Also looking for something here. I am creating my website and it's all done. One thing that I did forget to edit is the 404 page. I'm not sure on how I want it to look, something like I find it quite funny and somewhat cute. Is there a way to edit this or change it to my liking so I can use this?

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have a look at this post :

So Solution mentioned, but the paths you should look for. Looks like not possible with confs.

404 is found here on my install:


Also wrapped up in code here:


And here:


Sometimes it depends on where you are
in splunk web/api/etc the
message/underlying code may change.
There is not a way to do this with
.conf flies.

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