How do you color code a cell?

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I've read through a lot of articles, but I can't figure out how to make this work. My query is below. For ease of reading I deleted the majority of the eval part of the statement that write a static SLA column. I want to highlight the cell in the DailyTotal column in red if it is greater than the DailyCountSLA. How can I do this please? Any help is appreciated!

loggingAppId=ABC | eval callingAppAndOperation=callingAppId.".".loggingOperationName | eval DailyCountSlaValue=case(callingAppAndOperation=="XYZ.ExecutionStatus",3000, 1=1,0| bin _time span=1d |stats count As DailyTotal, avg(DailyCountSlaValue) AS DailyCountSLA by _time, callingAppAndOperation | eval DailyCountSLA=round(DailyCountSLA,0) | sort -HourlyTotal | dedup callingAppAndOperation | sort callingAppAndOperation
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Hi @jsights,

Have you checked this one?

You have to just change javascript, css class and search query.

Let me know if any further help required.


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