How do I predict the cpu load in Splunk?


Hi, I need to predict the cpu % when the load is increased. So basically, suppose 10000 requests are hitting per day on a platform averaging a cpu utilization of 70%. Now, I want to predict when the number of requests get increased to double, say 20000 per day. Then, what will the cpu utilization look like?

How should I approach this type of work?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi @Shashank_87 ,

Would you mind posting a search that you tried to get this information? The more information you provide our community, the better chance you have of getting your problem solved.

Thanks for posting!

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index=os sourcetype=cpu CPU=ALL host=host1 OR host=host2
| multikv fields pctIdle
| eval Percent_CPU_Load = 100 - pctIdle
| timechart span=2m list(Percent_CPU_Load) by host

This is what I am trying. No suppose suddenly there is an increase in load on host1 and host2. I want to predict what would be the Percent_CPU_Load look like?

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