How do I get data from app.conf?

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I am trying to get data out of my app.conf file in /local/app.conf or from /default/app.conf

I tried using:


but this ultimately results in a call to btool:

./splunk cmd btool app list

which returns a merged form of app.conf which is not relevant to my particular app.

I would have to issue the command:

./splunk cmd btool --app=myAppNameHere app list

to get the data for my particular app.

But since I'm trying to get the value for "id"... which is my app's name... why would I use my app's name to get my app's name??

So now I am left with the question... how do I get my app's name?

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Can you describe your use case a bit more ?

Are you trying to access the app.conf file from a standalone program ? some javascript in a dashboard ? a custom search command ?

Conf files can be read via the Splunk REST API :

Example :

curl -k -u admin:pass https://localhost:8089/servicesNS/admin/yourapp/configs/conf-app 

And you can invoke this REST endpoint in a variety of ways depending on your use case (SplunkJS functions , SDK's , splunk.entity Python class etc....)

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I am writing a custom app for splunk. Therefore I am in serverside python application code.

Yes, I know the name of my app... I could hardcode the name into my python code.

I was looking for a bit more elegant and less brittle approach to determine the name of my app other than hardcoding a string into my code.

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What sort of server side python code ? custom rest endpoint ? search command ? external scripted alert ? cherrypy controller ?

Here is some code to point you in the right direction :

    import splunk.entity        
    session_key = 'your session key'
    entity = splunk.entity.getEntity('/configs/conf-app','package', namespace='yourapp', sessionKey=session_key, owner='nobody')
    app_id = entity.get('id')
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Doesn't the part:


require you to know the id of your app??

I'm trying to figure out the name of my app (chicken and the egg problem here).

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