How do I generate a random number between a specific range?

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Hi, How can I generate a random number between 1 to 20. I random() function doesn't allow to specify a range. please help

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Building a bit on @richgalloway 's answer I believe this works and allows you to set the high and low range. I added just some extra fluff for testing, your eval line could just look line 4 with high and low replaced with your range:

| makeresults
| eval high = 100
| eval low = 10
| eval rand = round(((random() % high)/(high)) * (high - low) + low)
| eval inRange = if(rand <= high AND rand >= low, "True", "False")

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@ppablo_splunk , this one should get moderator-answered.

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Try using the modulo operator. For example, ... | eval rand=(random() % 20) + 1 | ....

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