How do I correctly upgrade the DB2 driver on the Splunk DB Connect 1.1.6 app?


I am having trouble upgrading the DB2 driver from v9.7 FP10 to 10.5 FP4 on my Splunk DB Connect app. I am currently on v6.3.0 of Splunk and have v1.1.6 of the Splunk DB Connect app. I have followed the instructions posted in docs ( but am still having trouble. When I run a scan to check the driver version, the scan results show that the driver is still v9.7 FP10.

I replaced the the old db2jcc4.jar with the new v10.5 db2jcc4.jar in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/dbx/bin/lib but left the db2jcc.jar file from v9.7. Do I need to remove this file?

Has anyone experienced any similar issues? Appreciate any help/suggestions.

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From your link:

Note: Only move the db2jcc4.jar file to the .../dbx/bin/lib directory, not, to avoid conflicts.

I say remove all files but the one db2jcc4.jar file.

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