How can we re-direct the URL in a new blank page using re-direct function ??


Hi All,

I am using the following code snippnet in my HTML dashboard to re-direct the page to the defined URL on clicking on my dashboard.

Here i am able to navigate to different URL but loosing the control on the Parent Page i.e the new URL to open in a new blank document rather then on the same page. Is there any means to change /update the redirect function.

my code snippnet.

            var url = TokenUtils.replaceTokenNames("http://localhost:8080/en-US/app/custom_app/dashboard?form.Operator=$row.Operator$&form.CarrierCode=$row.CarrierCode$", _.extend(submittedTokenModel.toJSON(),, TokenUtils.getEscaper('url'));

Many thanks.

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was my answer helpful? if not, please clarify issues you have.

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You can find the answer if you look in mvc.js in the SplunkJS source code (

There are two ways that are equivalent:
utils.redirect(url, false, "_blank");
utils.redirect(url, true);

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