How can I pass a token value from a drilldown menu to the scale threshold to change the color of a cell.


In a dashboard I have a drilldown menu to select wich system ID to use. If no system is selected I use all system if there's a selection I use the system selected.

So in a search (makeresults) I passed the value to a token that I use in the scale threshold color to either put green, yellow or red color to the listed cell.

| eval seuil_TPS=750, pre_seuil_TPS=round(seuil_TPS*0.90,2)
-set token="tok_seuil_TPS">$result.seuil_TPS$-/set-
-set token="tok_pre_seuil_TPS">$result.pre_seuil_TPS$-/set-

And I use the and in my dashboard as follow:

-format type="color" field="Max Total IMS"
-colorPalette type="list">[#65A637,#F7BC38,#D93F3C]-/colorPalette>
-scale type="threshold">[$tok_pre_seuil_TPS$,$tok_seuil_TPS$]/scale>

This work OK.

But when I choose a system my token value doesn't work.
-query>|makeresults |append [|inputlookup Seuil_lookup]
|where Name=$sel_Name|s$
|eval pre_seuil=round(Seuil*0.90,2)
|table Sys_name, pre_seuil, Seuil
-set token="tok_sel_Sys_name">$result.Sys_name$
-set token="tok_sel_Seuil">$result.Seuil$
-set token="tok_sel_pre_seuil">$result.pre_seuil$

-format type="color" field="Max $sel_Name$">
-colorPalette type="list">[#65A637,#F7BC38,#D93F3C]-/colorPalette>
-scale type="threshold">[$tok_sel_pre_seuil$,$tok_sel_seuil$]-/scale>

I need help Please.

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