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Hello everyone,
I'm trying to install SPLUNK on Linux and I can not. I follow the instructions.
Attached picture - I would be happy to help. Maybe the wrong command? I do not know or understand.

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have a look at this doc

And also watch videos on youtube about how to download splunk on linux:

let me know if this helps!

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Hi David,

typing "dow(n)loads" in a shell doesn't get you anywhere.

  1. You need to download splunk enterprise from using your free account.
  2. Then you need to navigate to the directory you saved the file using the cd command.
  3. Untar the file using tar xvzf splunk-7.0.1.......
  4. After that just follow the instructions here

But before you start, please consider typing linux beginner tutorial into google and try one of them.

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