HUNK 6.2.2 -- Failed to start MapReduce job AND User: root is not allowed to impersonate mapr

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I run this query index=emm_ascii nodeID=CCN_Voice_Lab and get my results, but I also get this:

[tibco_hdfs] Error while running external process, return_code=255. See search.log for more info
[tibco_hdfs] JobStartException - Failed to start MapReduce job. Please consult search.log for more information. Message: [ Failed to start MapReduce job, name=SPLK_PL-L1-HEYE-TOOL-01_1434044878.3041_0 ] and [ User: root is not allowed to impersonate mapr ]

Somehow Hunk is only executing as root. I set up passthrough for mapr user, but I get the error:

mapr uid is 5000.   

If I don't use the passthrough, I get the root with uid = 0 needs to be greater than 500 error.

This is on MapR ver. hadoop-2.5.1

What am I missing or where should I be looking?

Thanks for the help!

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I assume you have two options:
1) Reinstall Hunk as user mapr
2) Here is what I had to do to enable MapR user impersonation

Step # 1 = Follow our docs ->
Step # 2 = '/opt/mapr/conf ' --> and add ' export MAPR_IMPERSONATION_ENABLED=true '
Step # 3 = '/opt/mapr/conf/proxy' --> ' create a file with the name of the user (vi raanan) and change ownership to that file (chown raanan:raanan raanan)
Step # 4 = ' hadoop fs -chmod -R 777 /var '

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