Google Maps unpredictability


I am having some problems with the Google Maps app for Splunk. I am not seeing consistency of the maps. I expect the final results to be more like the "loading results" image. But after the final image is displayed it's like it's shifted and cuts out the top portion of the world. Is anyone else seeing this behavior?

Loading results

alt text

After it's finalized:

alt text

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Version 1.0.1 of the app is out now. It should fix those issues.

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This is a problem with the custom overlay view for Google Maps not beeing able to handle the amount of clusters. I've optimized it (and probably fixed it) already but I wasn't able to update the app since I was quite busy recently. After some final tests I hope to get it out this weekend though.

Btw. if there's anyone willing to volunteer to beta-test the app, just send an email to splunk at

Please try the new version and let me know if it is working as expected:

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